Arrow Season 6 News: Stephen Amell Talks About Green Arrow’s New Bow, What To Expect In Upcoming Episodes


The Christian Post


Aside from a new costume, the Green Arrow will also get an updated bow when “Arrow” returns to screen for season 6.

During the show’s panel that was conducted at the San Diego Comic-Con, actor Stephen Amell revealed that his character will get a new bow in the new season.

According to a report, the Green Arrow’s new bow will have a recurved shape, which is similar to the bow that he used in season 1. Amell mentioned that he asked the show’s producers to redesign the bow for no specific reason, but he wanted to see the Green Arrow go back to basics.

Amell also revealed that his character’s new bow could have a connection with the DC Comics Universe in The CW.

“So my pitch to [the writers] was, ‘let’s do a recurve and let’s pretend that Cisco[Ramon] made it,” the actor stated.

While Amell’s statements about the participation of “The Flash” character in the redesign of the Green Arrow’s bow, it may not be a surprise if the new season of “Arrow” will be linked with the rest of the DC Comics Universe on TV.

Meanwhile, Amelle also reportedly told the attendees of the Heroes & Villains FanFest in New Jersey that the first few episodes of season 6 will feature a happierGreen Arrow/Oliver Queen.

“It’s a strange thing. Oliver actually this season is a very contented individual,” the actor said in the panel as reported by TVLine. “At least so far. Methinks that will probably change, based on just 120some episodes of history. But I’ve seen three episodes and he’s smiling a lot more….. It’s nice as an actor to not be a stick in the mud all the time.”

The CW will air the premiere episode of “Arrow” season 6 titled “Fallout: The Aftermath” on Thursday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m. EDT.