Jeffrey Dean Morgan Accidentally Revealed His Baby’s Gender at a Supernatural Convention


Supernatural and The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan accidentally let slip that he and his wife, One Tree Hill star Hilarie Burton, are expecting a baby girl, a bit of information he was supposed to keep secret.

Onstage at a Supernatural fan convention in New Jersey on Sunday, Morgan was asked a question about his and Burton’s impending baby, which they confirmed last week. In his answer, he let it slip that they’re having a girl.

A fan caught the moment Morgan realized his mistake, which Morgan shared on Instagram.

“Whoever took this picture?? Caught a moment… thank you. We shall cherish…. ” he wrote. “I texted @hilarieburton right after I spilled the little girl beans… and, as usual… she was a rockstar. After all these years she’s come to expect me to be a dope… thank god she gets it, and loves me regardless. Thank you New Jersey, and the incredible @cw_supernatural family!”